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For walk-in customers, turnaround times usually under a week for some situations. I even offer rush service and "while you wait" service for certain types of repairs, at a premium in cost and where parts are in stock to complete the repair.

If you live out of state (more than five hours' drive time) and do wish to have my superior service, as many of my customers do, you can remove the chassis from the cabinet of your musical instrument amp in many instances and carefully pack it for shipment to me.

Often times the cost will be under $70 to ship the larger and heavier chassis across country. Always ship amplifiers with tubes removed, numbered and separately wrapped, all in a carton of sufficient sturdiness to protect your investment.
If you do ship your amplifier, it is best to double-box it using double-wall corrugated cartons. The best packaging is Instapak Foam--a local warehouse usually has the facility to do this (wrap in plastic and pour in liquid foam, to make a form-fitting cushion that provides ultimate protection of the contents).

Things to include when you ship your amplifier to us for repair:

A copy of the Repair Ticket containing your contact info,
a description of the problem and as much as you know about the circumstances when the problem occurred
a pre-paid return shipping label (this is MANDATORY), in an envelope, packed with your amp in the same carton

Pack it securely, and please DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS! These will move to one side of the carton, leaving your unit unprotected on the other side. Wrap in bubble pack, place into inner carton, then place that carton into a larger carton, with Styrofoam spacers, such that the inner box 'floats' inside the outer box, for maximum protection.

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